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Stage di Contemporary Modern con André W. Tyson

Dal 28 al 30 Dicembre 2009

3 Giorni

André W. Tyson

André W. Tyson ha oltre 30 anni di esperienza di insegnamento, di cui 10 anni dal 1985 al 1994 presso l’Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Negli ultimi anni ha lavorato tenendo master classes e stage in tutto il mondo con istitutuzioni nazionali e internazionali quali l'International Sommerakademie des Tanzes a Colonia, in Germania nel 1997 e nel 1999, l'International Tanz Wochen di Vienna, in Austria nel 1996, alla Smith College, Wake Forest University, Ballet Förder Zentrum, la University of South Carolina, Tennessee Ballet, Milwaukee Ballet School, de Theaterschool Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, North Carolina School of the Arts e l'Università del Wisconsin-Milwaukee / Peck School delle Arti. Il suo insegnamento copre tutti i livelli di danza moderna e contemporanea: Graham, Horton, modern jazz, sbarra a terra, condizionamento del corpo e laboratori coreografici. André W. Tyson è un istruttore di Pilates certificato e insegna il metodo Pilates a livello nazionale e internazionale. Il suo stile di insegnamento e la sua filosofia sono saldamente radicati nei metodi tradizionali di pedagogia della danza e riflettono un approccio indirizzato a formare danzatori abili e completi. La lezione di André W. Tyson è molto versatile, basata sulla tecnica Horton, con influenze della tecnica Graham ,contiene elementi di tecnica Release e altri stili contemporanei, con una particolare attenzione alla respirazione. Questa fusione di tecniche tradizionali e forme alternative crea uno stile organico di movimento molto innovativo e contemporaneo.


My teaching style and philosophy are firmly rooted in traditional methods of dance pedagogy reflecting a disciplined approach focused on assisting dancers in becoming proficient and well rounded artists. I believe that combining organic qualitative elements of both classical and contemporary idioms builds strength, flexibility and a highly refined sense of musicality, as well as, aesthetic and spatial awareness. My class can best be described as a Horton based contemporary/modern class. The foundation of the class is rooted in Horton methodologies and is influenced by certain elements of Graham technique. The use of “breath and release” properties from other contemporary pedagogues, as well as, basic balletic/classical principles is also incorporated. Aspects of yoga and floor barre á terra and Pilates method supplement instruction. This fusion of traditional techniques and alternative forms create an organic style of movement that is very accessible physically and emotionally to the disciplined student. The class also encompasses relaxing, therapeutic and cardiovascular properties that aid in developing a strong, versatile, cross trained dancer. Throughout my years of teaching, I have found it essential to be direct and honest with students and myself. I value the opinions of my students as fellow artists and treat each dancer as an individual, each at a different place on their artistic and educational journeys. Establishing and maintaining mutual respect is vital to the creative process. The use of positive reinforcement coupled with insightful corrections that challenge physically and intellectually is paramount. Creating a safe place to take artistic risks is crucial for a dancers’ development and my sole objective is to elicit the best possible results from all of my students. Remarkable results can be achieved through diligent, comprehensive training that encompasses knowledge of injury prevention and sound nutritional advice. In addition, the use of therapeutic holistic alternatives that support and care for a dancer’s body and spirit will dramatically enhance one’s craft.