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Gabriel Beddoes

I trained for 11 years in with a scholarship offered by “Movimento Danza”, a dance centre in Naples, deeply practicing on a daily basis both ballet and contemporary techniques, besides a couple of years of hip-hop.
The training consisted of a daily class of ballet, followed by a Cunningham technique based contemporary class, to continue then with various laboratory classes in the afternoon such as repertoire, improvisation, double work and performance workshops. Throughout the year a minimum of two performances would take place on stage, performed by the students and developed by the teachers following the natural attitude of each student. Workshops given by external teachers and choreographers would frequently be proposed by the direction of the dance school.
On March of 2003 I attempted the audition for “The Place”, and from September 2003 to July 2005 I have been attending the training they propose. Two classes of technique in the morning and other theory courses such as Composition, Improvisation, Double work, Music, (Stage) Design, Anatomy, Art history, Teaching technique and Choreology, are some of the main courses I attended inside the school. I finished in 2005 my second year of a three years BA course. In November 2006 I assessed my position at LCDS in the Graduation Ceremony in Canterbury, achieving a One Year Certificate for the two years period I have studied at The Place.
From 09/05 to 03/07 I lived in Bruxelles. In that period I came in contact with several different ways to conceive the movement, and I have worked and expanded my training taking regularly classes with:
Thierry Smits, Peter Jasko, Inaki Azpillaga, David Zambrano, Hayo David, Roxane Huilmand, Annabelle Bonnery, Joanne Leighton, Marion Ballester, Anton Lachky.
Since March 2007 I live and work in Italy. I started doing my own work, and established quite successfully some good contact with the local artistic foundations, such as the E.T.I. (Ente Teatrale Italiano), which has the role to promote, commit and support events on the Italian territory and is directly funded by the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities.


Together with my daily training, several are the workshops I have been taking part of, some of which were hosted by my school, some others hosted by other institutions.

2009: JULY, Freddy Opoku Addaye, Montorso Vicentino, “Villa da Porto”, ten days residency to build a performance. The performance has been shown publicly as result of the workshop. Organized by Opera Estate Festival under direction of Roberto Casarotto.

2007: JUNE, David Zambrano, Naples “ArtGarage”, same length as above, planned to take place from 26/06 to 29/06.

2007: MARCH, David Zambrano, Bruxelles “La Raffinerie”, five hours a day intensive workshop planned to take place from 12/03 to 16/03.

2006: DECEMBER, Christian Ziegler “Scene Digitale”, Bruxelles “La Raffinerie”, introduction of highly interactive audio-visual technologies on the dance stage.

2006: NOVEMBER, Renate Graziadei & Arthur Staldi Bruxelles, DCJ “DansCentrumJette”, founders of the “LaborGrass” studio in Berlin, studied “Stein Technic” and repertoire from their own material.

2002: JULY, “All Dance Summer Seminar” Rome, “Centro Danza Balletto Di Roma”, organized by Patrick King, featuring Carolin Carlson, Jennifer Muller, Adrienne Mathson, Bill Goodson, Betsy Hulton and Patrick King.

1999: NOVEMBER, Susana Hayman Chaffey Naples, “Centro Danza Movimento Danza”

1998: JUNE, Susan Sentler Naples, “Centro Danza Movimento Danza”

1997: JULY, “Summer workshops” Naples, “Centro Danza Movimento Danza”, featuring Joceline Milochau, Richard Haisma, Susan Sentler, Victor Litvinov, Andrej Tajurskij, Roberta Garrison and Bill Goodson.
FEBRUARY, Max Bucci Naples, “Centro Danza Movimento Danza”, an intense workshop of three days, five hours a day, based on hip hop dance.


Apart from the usual performances organized by my schools in Naples and London, which I would define remarkable in terms of stage confidence and commitment, here are the performances I presenced as a professional dancer.

2009: SEPTEMBER, “COMP. K”, Ravenna, the 19th of the month. Performed within the “Anticorpi Festival”, as part of the “Vetrina XL” review. The festival is organized and directed by the operators of the Anticorpi Network, a collaboration within all the regional promoters in Italy.

2009: MARCH, “COMP. K” Rome, the 20th of the month. Performed at the “Furio Camillo” Theatre, as part of “PIATTAFORMA D10” programme, a dance festival commissioned and funded by E.T.I. as part of an interregional project between Piemonte, Lazio and Campania called “Spazi Per La Danza Contemporanea”.

2008: DECEMBER, “I miei personalissimi livelli di coinvolgimento”, Naples, the 11th of the month. Performed at the “Teatro Nuovo” as part of “Transitidanza2” programme, a dance festival commissioned and funded by E.T.I. as part of an interregional project between Piemonte, Lazio and Campania called “Spazi Per La Danza Contemporanea”.
NOVEMBER, “I miei personalissimi livelli di coinvolgimento”, Turin, the 19th of the month. Performed at “Artintown” as part of “LA PIATTAFORMA” programme. A dance performance upon self-evaluation and its application in today’s research of new medical analysis aimed to a better knowledge of ourselves. Created and performed by Gabriel Beddoes.
SEPTEMBER, “COMP. K”, Turin, performed the 17th at the “Vittoria Theatre” within “LA PIATTAFORMA TeatroCoreograficoTorinese”, a dance festival commissioned and funded by E.T.I. as part of an interregional project between Piemonte, Lazio and Campania called “Spazi Per La Danza Contemporanea”.
JULY, Naples, performed two pieces the 4th of the month within the festival “Nero Di Scena”. “Impalpabile” in the morning in “Cappella Pappacoda” (Università Orientale di Napoli), and at 21:00 in the “Virgiliano” park, an untitled audiovisual performance made by excerpts by various films. Created and performed by Gabriel Beddoes and Eva Marino.
JUNE, “Impalpabile”, Naples, Piazzetta Orientale, “Z.A.C. Zona Di Attacco Creativo” Festival, a dance performance choreographed by Mirko Visconti. The video is on Youtube at these addresses:
APRIL, “COMP. K”, Naples, projection of the movie within the World Dance Day, located in the modern museum “P.A.N.” on the 20th. Followed by debate between artists and audience.
FEBRUARY, “COMP. K”, Naples, re-adaptation for the stage of the dance video, performed in two dates at the “Bellini” Theatre and at the “Nuovo Teatro Nuovo”, respectively the 19th and the 24th of the month.

2007: NOVEMBER, participation as professional dancer in a jewellery vernissage by Vhernier. Artistic direction by Enzo Cosimi.
OCTOBER, “COMP. K dvd”, Naples, completed the production of a dance video inspired by my personal opinion upon psichophamaceuticals and treatment of the mental illness. To be considered as part of a whole performance inspired by same subject. Created by Gabriel Beddoes and Daniele Rosselli, Performed by Gabriel Beddoes, Video editing by Daniele Rosselli.
JUNE, “Diatermia”, Naples, “Parco Virgiliano”, a piece supported by the Council of Naples, inspired by Steve Reich and Miles Davies, created and performed by Gabriel Beddoes and Eva Marino.
MAY, “Metafisica Sotterranea”, Naples, “LANIFICIO 25”, a performance inspired by the caves and their creatures, created by Alessia Scala.

2005: DECEMBER, “Obsidium” London, “Robin Howard Theatre”, a performance made by Rob Mennear, one of the students of “The Place”.
DECEMBER, “La Desperdida” London, “Robin Howard Theatre”, a performance made by Paula Reichman, one of the students of “The Place”.

2004: DECEMBER, “Mignon” London, “The Guildhall School of Music & Drama”, an opera piece inspired by the music of Ambroise Thomas in collaboration with the students of the school.

2003: NOVEMBER, “Dance Umbrella” London, “Tate Modern”, worked as a steward for Merce Cunningham Events

2002: NOVEMBER, “Four mains” Naples, Villa Avellino, a solo choreography with music from Wim Mertens, created and performed by me, within a dance festival venue.
DECEMBER, “Parliamo di danza” Naples, Salerno, Teatro Verdi, a conference about dance with dance extracts, under the supervision of Vittoria Ottolenghi, dance critic.

1995: SEPTEMBER, “Il Paese Delle Sirene” Eurovision, a performance made upon transmission of traditions within a TV theme night, local direction by Vittoria Ottolenghi.


2009: FEBRUARY/MARCH, “Teatro Marrucino” , danced as guest dancer in the resident dance company of the theatre, within the production of a new piece for the winter season. The performance is a contemporary reprise of “Cinderella”. Choreography by Francesca La Cava. Music by Prokofiev, played live by the resident orchestra of the theatre, Chieti (Italy)

2006: NOVEMBER, “Cie Thor”, artistic director Thierry Smits, permission to presence as auditor to the rehearsal of the new production. My daily presence at the rehearsals last 5 months, having in this time participated to the creation of “ICE/V. – Nightmare 4” the first of the four seasons, freely inspired by Vivaldi.

2002: JUNE, “Centro studi Danzarte Ballet”, worked as a guest dancer for the creation of “Moulin Rouge”, ballet technique, Avellino (Italy).

2001: JULY, “Centro Studi Pasquale Scognamiglio”, worked as a guest dancer for the graduation year of the “diplomanda” student, ballet technique, Napoli (Italy).

2000: JULY, “Centro Studi Pasquale Scognamiglio”, worked as a guest dancer to accompany the students in the pas de deux, ballet technique, Napoli (Italy).

Other working experiences gained during the years of formation as a guest dancer for several shows under various organizations, always as a freelance, and frequently performed in an independent environment, which gave me familiarity with the live improvisation approach, that became, in the reiteration, clearer and faster in the choice of moods and nuances.


2008: JULY, 15° Edizione del COREOGRAFO ELETTRONICO Naples, M.A.D.R.E. Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donna Regina. Participated and won the competition, achieved within the “Young Talents” section. Of the 122 international videos taking part to the event, 37 were selected for the public projection, amidst those “COMP. K”.

1999: JULY, 2º Concorso Nationale per Giovani Coreografi e Solisti “Danzano Le Stelle”, Naples, Maiori, featuring Susan Sentler as one of the Artistic Directors, third place achieved.
MAY, “Premio Etoile” Teatro Bellini, Naples, first place achieved in the modern (hip hop) and classic sections.